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July 1 2002

Important Note: GDC has closed all registries except the Eye and Tumor registries. In August 2002 GDC merged its data with OFA, but will continue to accept Eye and Tumor registrations. Information on all dogs ever registered with GDC is still available through the Kinreports.

Search the GDC All Breed Registry [8/15/05: The online registry is temporarily unavailable while we move to another server]

  • Find out if a dog is registered with GDC;

  • Find how many of its close relatives, parents, siblings, and offspring are also registered;

  • Find the number of evaluations and the sites evaluated for each dog;

  • Updated weekly with all newly registered dogs;

  • Track your dog's new registration. (Pending registrations are marked with (*))

Order KinReports online (this links to the Searchable Registry login page)

A KinReport provides all evaluation information in the GDC registry on the following:

  • The dog in question

  • Siblings, half-siblings and progeny (offspring) of dog

  • Siblings, half-siblings and progeny of sire

  • Siblings, half-siblings and progeny of dam

  • list of additional related dogs (useful for creating a genetic pedigree)

To assess the genetic health (the genotype) of a particular dog, you need information on its closest relatives—siblings, half-siblings, offspring, parents, aunts and uncles. That's why GDC created the KinReport— a single report that includes genetic health information on the dog in question and all of its close relatives also registered with GDC.

When you search for a dog in the GDC registry, you will also see all the related dogs who will be included in the KinReport on that dog.

To see the actual results of genetic disease screenings on a dog and its closest relatives, you can order a KinReport™ online and have it FAXed or mailed to you within one working day.

GDC asks for a small donation, rather than a fee, when you order KinReports online.

What is a KinReport?

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People who register their dogs with GDC agree make all the genetic screening information for each dog available to breeders, owners and researchers who can use that knowledge to help improve the health of purebred dogs.

GDC can provide users with a single report—the KinReport— that includes genetic health information on the dog in question and all of its close relatives who are also registered with GDC.

For example, if you are a breeder with a concern about a single-gene disease like SA (sebaceous adenitis), and you need to evaluate several sires to reduce the risk of breeding to a carrier, you may be able to find that information also in the KinReport. (The completeness of any KinReport is limited by the number of dogs registered in a particular family).

With several KinReports covering the branches of a dog's family, you may have the information needed to draw that dog's genetic pedigree. As the number of dogs in a particular breed in the GDC registry grows large enough, GDC can create KinReports to give breeders and owners for the first time a full picture of the genetic health of a particular dog and its family. With the help of a genetic counselor, breeders and owners can assess a dog's risk of acquiring, or handing down, genetic disease.

For each dog's lineage, the KinReport provides a list of all positive evaluations (unaffected phenotypes) and negative evaluations (disease-affected phenotypes), submitted by veterinarians following the high standards of protocols approved by GDC.  To support scientifically-sound decisions, the statistical pattern of the entire lineage should be examined, to detect the probability of unaffected phenotypes that are really "silent carriers" for a disease-related genotype.

To order a KinReport online:

  • go to our on-line Order Form (this link will take you to the Searchable Registry login page)

  • if you prefer not to order on-line, please print the order form, fill it out and send the hard copy by postal service or FAX

  • for further assistance, contact GDC directly (Phone/Fax: 603-456-2350, e-mail:

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